Risk Storming for Vending Machine

 In the 4th session of Testing Bootcamp Beth Marshall introduced us to a very interesting game of Risk Storming. It's a  collaborative and visual technique for identifying risk and planning the Test Strategy accordingly .You can  use a Test Sphere card deck from Ministry of Testing or go to https://riskstormingonline.com/ 

Risk Storming takes you through three phases to get the answers.

  • Which quality aspects matter most for your product?

  • What risks could impact these important aspects?

  • How can you test to make sure those risks don’t happen?


Our task was to risk storming to test the Vending Machine . And here is my take on it.


Quality Aspect


  1. Does it accept and return both coin and cash correctly? BOUNDARY VALUE TESTING

  2. Does it drop the selected product correctly? INTEGRATION TESTING, BUSINESS SCENARIOS, PURPOSE

  3. Is the keypad letting the user select the correct product? UNIT TESTING

  4. Does it deliver the drink/food if the coin struck up somewhere before reaching the coin box?         RISK ANALYSIS

  5. What if the vending machine does not have change? BOUNDARY VALUE TESTING , DISASTER CONTROL,STARVE

  6. what if the user inserted forge currency or currency of different county ? SOCIAL ENGINEERING, ALWAYS AND NEVER

  7. what if the user wants to cancel the transaction after inserting the coin/cash? SAMPLING

  8.  What if the customer inserted less or more money than required for the item? RISK ANALYSIS, ZERO ONE MANY

  9. What If power goes off during the transaction? INTERRUPTION

  10. Can you reorder the last item easily? (with a single click)

User Friendliness

  1. Does it accept credit cards? INTEGRATION TESTING

  2. Does it have clear instructions for new users? Where (position)?  TOURING, A/B TESTING, WORLD , EXPLAINABILITY


  1. if a person with motor disabilities would be able to use it? PERSONAS, STANDARDS AND REGULATIONS

  2. If a visually challenged person  would be able to use it? PERSONAS, STANDARDS AND REGULATIONS

  1. Is the drop box/coin collection/keypad, at reachable  height ? PERSONAS, STANDARDS AND REGULATIONS

  2. if the machine sounds for any kind of messages while operation? PERSONAS, STANDARDS AND REGULATIONS


  1. How quickly an item is dropped in the tray? REQUIREMENTS RE ENGINEERING, WORLD ,FLUENCY

  2. How many transactions does this machine handle in a day? STRESS, FORCE, TOO MANY

  3. How long does it take to receive change? REQUIREMENTS RE ENGINEERING

  4. How long does it take from inserting cash to receiving a product? REQUIREMENTS RE ENGINEERING,FLUENCY

  5. How efficiently the keypad works? UNIT TESTING, OBSERVER EXPECTANCY EFFECT


  1. What happens if the machine falls down/stolen/broken ?DISASTER CONTROL, RISK ANALYSIS

  2. Is the machine locked? DISASTER CONTROL, RISK ANALYSIS

  3. Does it have internet connectivity? DISASTER CONTROL

  4. Does it have security camera? DISASTER CONTROL


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